Aaron Harrow is the Audio Visual Design Manager at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, and associated member of Radiohole.

Credits include: Video design for Red Bull's "Trialog" (Austria); special effects design for New Line Cinema on the documentary "Source of Pride"; video design for Haruki Murkami’s "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" at 3LD (New York), Morishita Studios (Tokyo) and The Asia Society (New York), "Rods and Cables" at 3LD, Radiohole's "Whatever, Heaven Allows" (New York, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh), The Ohio Theater's "Nostradamus Predicts the Death of Soho" (New York), The Public Theater's "The Human Scale" (New York, Tel Aviv), Yin Mei's "A Scent of Time" (Beijing), Affinity Theater/3LD's "Spy Garbo", the "American Woman" exhibition for the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and Jack Hitt's "Making Up the Truth"